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Hoodie "Yoko"
Hoodie "Yoko"
Hoodie "Yoko"
Hoodie "Yoko"
Hoodie "Yoko"
Hoodie "Yoko"

Hoodie "Yoko"

  • To celebrate our 5 year studio anniversary we have hand embroidered 5 different colored unisex hoodies with the first names of woman that shaped our world.

    Let's speak about inequalities, join forces, be the change and spread positiv vibes!

    Feli, our seamstress, has hand embroidered each hoodie individually in our studio in Munich. As this is a very time consuming process and the hoodies are launched for our 5th birthday they are limited to 50 pieces.

    The corona crisis has hit the textil industry very hard, in particular the workers in Bangladesh as 2/3 of the productions have been postponed or cancelled. Usually we produce every single piece of clothing from start to finish in our studio in Munich but on this occasion we chose to work with a company that produces hoodies in Bangladesh. They ensure, that the workers are paid fairly, the working conditions are good and the materials are organic (GOTS certified). We ensure that our ethical and environments standards are met on all levels.  


    Yoko Ono is an artist, peace activist and feminist that we have come to appreciate for her bold statement that where ahead of her time. In 1972 Yoko Ono wrote an article for the New York Times titled “The Feminization of Society.” 48 Years later and many aspects are just as relevant. 

    “I am proposing the feminization of society; the use of feminine tendencies as a positive force to change the world.”

    Let’s act on Yokos proposition and start making changes. We still have a long way to go!


    • 85% Organic Cotton
    • 15% Recycled Polyester



    • Hoodie: Sky Blue
    • Embroidery: Sky Blue  


    Size & Fit

    Unisex Size 1: Chest measurement 103 cm

    We advise this size for woman size 34-38 (unless you prefer a cosy oversize look then we advise size 2) and men up to size 46

    Unisex Size 2: Chest measurement 114 cm

    We advice this size for woman size 40-46 and men up to size 52 

    Our female quarantine model Rosa (Lilly's sister) is wearing size 1 and is a size 36

    Our male quarantine model Jimy (Lilly's brother) is wearing size 2 and is a size 52