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Hometown Love: Part 1 Restaurants

As Munich is one of the most dazzling cities in the world, we consider ourselves blessed being located at the heart of it. Quality is one colossal focal point of the Lilly Ingenhoven label. We therefore decided to introduce you to some of our favorite places in Munich. Living a jubilant life implies dining well, in our first section we would like to recommend our great 5. Restaurants with food so exquisite, you can loose yourself in the taste. With its elegance and charm Munich offers a variety of cafés and bars. We recommend our favorites in section 2 of this blog. Category 3 will focus on leisure activities to engage in, on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
Category 1: Food
Restaurant 1: Kaisergarten
Sitting under the old chest nut trees embellished with illuminations on a mellow summer night, especially after a long day of work, is one of the best feelings a „Münchner“ can have. The Kaisergarten offers all of this, thereby serving fine Bavarian food with culinary influences from around the world. It is located close to the „Münchner Freiheit“ and therefore easily reachable. Our dish of choice would undoubtedly be the „Schnitzel“. Particularly in the summer we can recommend this restaurant for an intimate dinner with friends and family.


Kaiserstrasse 34

80801 Munich

Restaurant 2: Shami

Shami is a small restaurant located in the center of Munich, near the Englischer Garten. The ambient is rather cozy and murky. The restaurant offers an asian fusion thereby focusing on Vietnamese and Japanese elements. The urban and innovative cuisine convinces with every meal. Especially combining the variety of dishes is a culinary explosion. We recommend the tofu summer rolls, which are being offered in a „do-it-yourself“ style. The restaurant is very authentic and we are confident it will convince you with its atmosphere and most importantly its cuisine.


Marktstr. 6

80802 Munich

 Restaurant 3: Voglbauer Neufarn

Located in the south of Munich, the 25 minute car ride to the restaurant will be unquestionably worth it. Once you have arrived in the „outbacks of Munich“, cows standing in the middle of the street are not an infrequent sighting. As soon as you step outside the car the smell of fresh meadows and the view of the wide farmland will overwhelm you. With interior being rather rustic, the restaurant itself offers a contemporary interpretation of Bavarian food. The traditional duck will practically melt on your tongue and combined with red cabbage the taste is a unique experience by itself. Our favorite desert is the „Kaiserschmarrn“, which is being served with a freshly made plump compote. Der Voglbauer offers a great experience of the more traditional however still elegant variant of Munich.

Voglbauer Neufarn 

Schanzenstrasse 4

82544 Munich

 Restaurant 4: Jin

The Jin restaurant offers an authentic Chinese cuisine expanded by the creative culinary ideas of the cook and restaurant owner Hao Jin himself. An evening in this restaurant will be an event one might only have a few of in their lifetime. The composition of ingredients Jin offers is truly unique and luscious. Our favorite dish is the Spicy Wild Black Tiger Prawns with Thai Asparagus, Baby Cucumber, Chili and Chinese Plum. The combination of dark wood, red fabrics and Chinese elements will cause you to feel like you are in the south of Singapore, where Jin himself was born. The restaurant is located in the center of city and therefore easily reachable. We can definitely recommend the Jin for a lavish night out in Munich.


Kanalstrasse 14

80538 Munich

Restaurant 5: Occam Deli
Delis originated in Manhattan, New York and serve a multicultural cuisine with Jewish, American, Italian, French and Oriental influences. This restaurant truly rounds of our favorite five, especially due to it being distinctive to other restaurants in Munich. When visiting we prefer ordering all the starters on the menu to share. You can taste the cosmopolitan influences, and somehow every dish enhances another dishes taste. Due to the interior you can get cozy with your friends and family in the restaurant. The Design is modern rustic with woody elements suitable for a place which serves food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To round off a perfect weekend in Munich we can recommend paying this restaurant a visit.

Occam Deli

Feilitzschstrasse 15

80802 Munich


Fotos: Kaisergarten , Shami , Voglbauer Neufarn , Jin , Occam Deli

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