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Artist that inspire us

Commentary on our Artists One reason why we would like to introduce you to the artists we regularly work with, is that we are eager to involve our customers in the process of production. However, the main reason is that we simply adore their work immensely and we would like to share it with as many people as possible. These two artists are incredibly talented and we feel honored that they regularly agree to work with us. Briony Ridley Briony is an incredibly talented Melbourne and Berlin based photographer who does most of our shootings. Her use of angles and lighting is unique, thereby creating pictures which do not simply display the fashion but create an atmosphere charged with...

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Fabric Care

Love your Clothes; Love the Environment Vivian Westwood once said „Buy less, choose well, make it last!“. One of the best things you could possibly do for the environment is wearing the clothes that you have as much as you can. This is one reason for our label to have such high standards for the quality of our products. We carefully hand-select all the materials and fabrics used and only work with highly skilled craftsmen in Germany. The high quality material is in need of attention in order to stay as alluring as it is when you first buy it. We therefore decided to pass on some knowledge to you on how to preferably treat the materials. 1. Chiffon and...

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Home Town Love: Part 3 Leisure Activities

  Category 3: Leisure In the Leisure section we decided against including obvious things such as paying the Hofgarten, Viktualienmarkt and the Königsplatz a visit or petting the Lions in front of the Feldherrnhalle at the Odeonsplatz. Even though these might be great excursions when visiting Munich, in this Blog we wanted to focus on restaurants, bars and other attractions which are often not the obvious choice. Elisabethmarkt Despite the fact that the Elisabeth market is currently being renovated, it is a beautiful location always worth visiting. Named after the Empress Sissi, is does pays tribute to her pulchritude. We always found it a good alternative to the rather touristic Viktualienmarkt. You can buy everything necessary to get through the...

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Home Town Love: Part 2 Cafes/Bars

  Category 2: Cafes and Bars Café 1: Fräulein Grüneis Does life get much better than a self made cake for Breakfast? In a little green-white striped fairy tale house in the „Englischer Garten“ the café will fulfill your wildest cake dreams alongside serving tasty sandwiches and snacks with everything being, of course, biologically firm. Inside Fräulein Grüneis the green fairy tale motto is being continued with staff so attentive, you will wish, never to leave this place (or Munich). If you however decide to leave we suggest watching the surfers in the „Englischer Garten“, or paying the Hofgarten a visit. It was the first cafe that came to our mind to enjoy the weekend „Munich style“ and we hope...

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Hometown Love: Part 1 Restaurants

As Munich is one of the most dazzling cities in the world, we consider ourselves blessed being located at the heart of it. Quality is one colossal focal point of the Lilly Ingenhoven label. We therefore decided to introduce you to some of our favorite places in Munich. Living a jubilant life implies dining well, in our first section we would like to recommend our great 5. Restaurants with food so exquisite, you can loose yourself in the taste. With its elegance and charm Munich offers a variety of cafés and bars. We recommend our favorites in section 2 of this blog. Category 3 will focus on leisure activities to engage in, on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Category 1: Food...

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