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Home Town Love: Part 4 Retail

Category 4: Retail Carta Pura This beautiful store has been around for more than 30 years now. They sell beautiful papers in all sizes and colors, textures and grammages, in small and large quantities, but also book blocks and book screws, pens and sharpeners, pads and staples, postcards and jewelry cards and much more. Luckily this shop is right around the corner of our studio and we pass  by it on our way to work and their windows cause joy everyday! Its worth a visit even if you just want to have a look. Carta Pura  Schellingstrasse 71 80799 Munich Soda Since its opening in 2004, SODA is quite simply the essential shop for anyone interested in art and design. They offer a careful curated...

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Calligraphy Meets Leather Workshop

  Come and join us at the beautiful Lilly Ingenhoven Studio for a 2-in-1 Calligraphy Meets Leather workshop and learn skills and techniques to celebrate the art of craftsmanship.This workshop combines handmade Leather Accessories with Modern Calligraphy and is designed for beginners, who have never tried calligraphy or worked with leather before.Part OneYou will be making a Leather Accessory of your choice, including a purse, pencil case, or different types of key chains.Part TwoYou will get an introduction into Modern Calligraphy, you will learn how to use a holder and nibs, basic strokes and how to connect letters to form words. If you like, you can customize your leather accessories with your name or a quote of your choice.The workshop...

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Artist that inspire us

One reason why we would like to introduce you to the artists we regularly work with, is that we are eager to involve our customers in the process of production. However, the main reason is that we simply adore their work immensely and we would like to share it with as many people as possible. These two artists are incredibly talented and we feel honored that they regularly agree to work with us. Briony Ridley Briony is an incredibly talented Melbourne and Berlin based photographer who does most of our shootings. Her use of angles and lighting is unique, thereby creating pictures which do not simply display the fashion but create an atmosphere charged with various emotions. Her work characteristically...

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Fabric Care

Love your Clothes; Love the Environment Vivian Westwood once said „Buy less, choose well, make it last!“. One of the best things you could possibly do for the environment is wearing the clothes that you have as much as you can. This is one reason for our label to have such high standards for the quality of our products. We carefully hand-select all the materials and fabrics used and only work with highly skilled craftsmen in Germany. The high quality material is in need of attention in order to stay as alluring as it is when you first buy it. We therefore decided to pass on some knowledge to you on how to preferably treat the materials. 1. Chiffon and...

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Home Town Love: Part 3 Leisure Activities

Category 3: Leisure In the Leisure section we decided against including obvious things such as paying the Hofgarten, Viktualienmarkt and the Königsplatz a visit or petting the Lions in front of the Feldherrnhalle at the Odeonsplatz. Even though these might be great excursions when visiting Munich, in this Blog we wanted to focus on restaurants, bars and other attractions which are often not the obvious choice. Museum of urban contemporary artThe museum recently opened its doors to further educate Germany’s population on the allure of contemporary art. The MUCA is situated in the heart of Munich, within a walking distance between Marienplatz, Stachus and Sendlinger Tor and therefore easily reachable by public transport. Regardless of the fact, that the museum...

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