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Frequently Asked Questions

 When should I schedule my first fitting?

 We advise to schedule your first fitting around 3-9 Months before your wedding. If you are the spontaneous type we also offer an express executions with a rush fee. Depending on your chosen style we can have your dress ready within 4 weeks.

 Do I need an appointment and how do I schedule an appointment?

 Yes, as we like to focus on you and only you it is important that you make an appointment. You can contact us via Email, Telephone or Whats app to schedule your appointment.


Telefon: 089 622 49 321

Whats app: 0151 165 85 888

Can I customize my dress?

We have a collection of dresses available at the studio and you can mix and match from our modular system as you like. We can also hand embroider your initials, date or other words onto the dress.

 Where are your dresses made?

 All our bridal dresses are made to order in our studio in Munich according to your measurements.

What fabrics do you use?

 With one exception, all our bridal fabrics are 100% silk from France including the laces. If you would like a vegan option we also offer a Viscose.

How many fittings does it require?

At your first fitting its all about trying on all the options you consider and discussing all your wishes and options. Then we send you back home to sleep on it and make your final decision. We never push you to make a quick decision. So take all the time you need. If this requires you to come back again to try on your favorites, that’s also fine. If you do decide to come back for a second try on we charge 40 Euros, which will be deducted from your purchase. Once you are decided we schedule a fitting 1-2 months before your wedding where we either have a proto type of your dress made from a trial fabric or the original fabric if there are not that many changes. After that your ready for your final fitting just a few weeks ahead of your wedding. Usually this is also the pick up time, unless the dress still requires minor adjustments. So to make it short it usually takes 2-4 Fittings till your dress is done.

 What price range are the dresses?

Our short dresses start at 1.200 Euros. Most long dresses range between 1.900 and 2.500 Euros with a few exceptions which consist of 2 separate dress which cost up to 3.800 Euros.

How much time should I plan for my fitting?

The plan upto 2 hours for your first fitting, in this time you will have the studio all to yourselve. All fittings after that last for 30-60 min.

How many people can I bring to the fitting?

 Due to the current Corona Situation we ask you to bring a maximum of two people.

What size are the sample dresses?

We have the whole collection in a size 36 to try on and most dresses we also have in size 42. We then try to pin the dresses according to your body so you can imagine what your dress will look like. Don’t worry if you have a size smaller or largen than that, we are here to find the perfect dress for you no matter the size.

Do you offer virtual fittings?

Yes! Please contact us to schedule your appointment.

 Can I buy a dress online?

 If you don’t have the option of visiting our studio you can always order a dress via E-Mail or telephone. We advise you to schedule a virtual fitting first, so we can discuss your options and look at your favorite dresses together. We ship worldwide, no returns.

Do you offer virtual fittings?

Yes! Please contact us to schedule your appointment.

How do I find your studio?

Or Studio is located in Maxvorstadt, Munich, Zentnerstrasse 5. You can reach us via U-Bahn stop Jopsephsplatz or Bus Stop Görresstrasse. If you come by car it is best to park your car in Schellingstrasse or Görresstrasse.

Can you dye my dress after the wedding?

 Yes! We would love for you to wear your wedding dress again and again. Sometimes all it needs are little alterations or shortening the hem but often dyeing the dress a different color is what makes all the difference. You can chose from a Pantone range of colors, we ask you to let us know if you would like to consider this option before we make your dress as we need to us a different yarn.

If you have a question that we did not answer please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!