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Artist that inspire us

One reason why we would like to introduce you to the artists we regularly work with, is that we are eager to involve our customers in the process of production. However, the main reason is that we simply adore their work immensely and we would like to share it with as many people as possible. These two artists are incredibly talented and we feel honored that they regularly agree to work with us.

Briony Ridley

Briony is an incredibly talented Melbourne and Berlin based photographer who does most of our shootings. Her use of angles and lighting is unique, thereby creating pictures which do not simply display the fashion but create an atmosphere charged with various emotions. Her work characteristically involves very vivid colours leading to pictures where one simply can not look away. Her vibrant and beautiful character makes it a pleasure to work with her and we are excited for more collaborations.

Ilias Walchshofer aka Dr Propulus

Ilias is an artist sketching on already existing photographs. The motives of the sketches and the technique is what makes his art so incredible and unique. If you would see the picture without the sketch and someone would tell you there was another giraffe on the picture it would seem obscure, however as soon as you see the picture with a sketch, it seems like the motive does belong there. The sometimes beautiful and sometimes humorous sketches are simply delicate. We are big fans of his work and believe that he is a genius who will succeed at whatever he touches.

We call it the Stu / Christoph Schaller 

"The Stu" is a studio and meeting point for artists and entrepreneurs run by Christoph Schaller. He himself is a talented photographer with an incredible eye for the beautiful and minimal things in life- the studio itself is inspiring. We have had the chance to use The Stu for our shootings several times and are very grateful for the opportunity and Christophs generosity when it comes to opening his space to munichs creative spirits. 


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