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Home Town Love: Part 2 Cafes/Bars


Category 2: Cafes and Bars

Café 1: Fräulein Grüneis

Does life get much better than a self made cake for Breakfast? In a little green-white striped fairy tale house in the „Englischer Garten“ the café will fulfill your wildest cake dreams alongside serving tasty sandwiches and snacks with everything being, of course, biologically firm. Inside Fräulein Grüneis the green fairy tale motto is being continued with staff so attentive, you will wish, never to leave this place (or Munich). If you however decide to leave we suggest watching the surfers in the „Englischer Garten“, or paying the Hofgarten a visit. It was the first cafe that came to our mind to enjoy the weekend „Munich style“ and we hope you will love it just as much as we do.

Fräulein Grüneis 

Lerchenfeldstr. 1a

80538 Munich

Café 2: Café Conte
Even though this café might not be one of the most typical Munich ones, it is definitely worth paying a visit. Particularly if you are looking for a place after a night out; or a dinner that lasted longer than expected, with more to drink than initially expected, this café with revitalize you with their freshly squeezed juices. Alongside the juices they serve everything that you dream of for a perfect hangover- breakfast such as different muesli variations, bread, eggs, soups, salads and sandwiches. The interior will make you feel welcome, particularly due to the big windows and the oversized illuminations. The team will make you feel equally welcome, making it a five star recommendation for every visitor.

Café Conte

Ainmillerstr. 10

80801 Munich

Bar 1: Flushing Meadows

Robin Bruderhofer and his crew will welcome you with classic aperitifs and cocktail creations on a rooftop bar that is beyond all comparison. You can enjoy a delightful sundowner in this bar and on a good day you might even be able to see the alps from there. After the outside area closes at around 9 pm, you can get comfortable inside the bar due its cozy atmosphere. On brown leather couches it is easy to forget your everyday trouble over a whiskey sour. The flattering dark light might even make it the perfect bar for a first date. The Flushing Meadows offers something for everyone and will surely lead to an unforgettable night.

Flushing Meadows

Fraunhoferstraße 32

80469 Munich

Bar 2: Goldene Bar
Inside the „Haus der deutschen Kunst“ welcomes you this antique bar which seems to be covered in gold. The „golden“ walls are actually maps showing the origins of the spirits which are being served. Examples include the German and other European wine regions, Great Britain for the Whiskey and Gin and the Caribbean displaying the origin of some of the bars rum. We can recommend drinking a Petit Punch (Lemon-sugary drink with rum) or a Banksy (Light version of a Pina Colada) .The bar also offers a beautiful terrace and its great location offers the possibility to pay one of the exhibitions in the „Haus der deutschen Kunst“ a visit.

Goldene Bar

Prinzregentenstr 1

80538 Munich


Fotos: Fräulein Grüneis , Café Conte , Flushing Meadows , Goldene Bar


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