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Home Town Love: Part 3 Leisure Activities

Category 3: Leisure

In the Leisure section we decided against including obvious things such as paying the Hofgarten, Viktualienmarkt and the Königsplatz a visit or petting the Lions in front of the Feldherrnhalle at the Odeonsplatz. Even though these might be great excursions when visiting Munich, in this Blog we wanted to focus on restaurants, bars and other attractions which are often not the obvious choice.

Museum of urban contemporary art
The museum recently opened its doors to further educate Germany’s population on the allure of contemporary art. The MUCA is situated in the heart of Munich, within a walking distance between

Marienplatz, Stachus and Sendlinger Tor and therefore easily reachable by public transport. Regardless of the fact, that the museum only displays modern artists and preferably street art, there might be something interesting for everyone. Even though we were a bit sceptical at first, we found ourselves loving, not necessarily the art itself, but the museum and the experience as a whole. We can therefore recommend it to everyone.


Hotterstraße 12

80331 Munich


Despite the fact that the Elisabeth market is currently being renovated, it is a beautiful location always worth visiting. Named after the Empress Sissi, is does pays tribute to her pulchritude. We always found it a good alternative to the rather touristic Viktualienmarkt. You can buy everything necessary to get through the week here as well as having a little snack or beer with your friends. We are excited for the reopening and hope we might see you there some time.



80796 Munich

„Neue Pinakothek“ and a Gallery Stroll
How about a gallery stroll through one of the nicest neighborhoods in Munich. After visiting one of Munich's most famous museums you can easily do that. The „Neue Pinakothek“ exhibits outstanding works of European art and sculptures from the late 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. One focus is on the German art of the 19th century - this collection, which goes back to the private collection of King Ludwig I, is one of the most comprehensive of all. After visiting this outstanding museums you can simply continue to walk around in this area and find numerous beautiful galleries worth visiting.

Neue Pinakothek

Barer Straße 29

80799 Munich


Lilly has one ritual she absolutely adores. On a mellow summer night she enjoys going for a run through the „Englischer Garten“ after work. Around the time when the sun is slowly disappearing beyond the horizon, she stops at the monoptorus and simply takes a breath and enjoys the moment. During the day, the monopteros is a rather crowded and touristic place, but at night you might find yourself being on your own at this beautiful location. Early birds could also try watching the sunset from there.


Englischer Garten 1

80538 Munich


This place is truly a „hidden gem“. If you are in looking for a tranquil corner during the busy hours in Munich, this will be the perfect place for you. It is a small garden located close to the more famous Hofgarten. One big advantage is, that the architecture allows the afternoon sun to reach the garden. We recommend taking some ice tea and snacks with you, sitting on a bench there and simply letting the sunlight warm your skin.

We hope you will enjoy our favorite spots in Munich just as much as we do!


Schloss Nymphenburg, Eingang 16

80638 Munich

Foto: Elisabethmarkt , Neue Pinakothek , Museum of urban contemporary art , Monopteros , Kabinettsgarten

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