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Home Town Love: Part 4 Retail

Category 4: Retail

This beautiful store has been around for more than 30 years now. They sell beautiful papers in all sizes and colors, textures and grammages, in small and large quantities, but also book blocks and book screws, pens and sharpeners, pads and staples, postcards and jewelry cards and much more. Luckily this shop is right around the corner of our studio and we pass  by it on our way to work and their windows cause joy everyday! Its worth a visit even if you just want to have a look.

Carta Pura 

Schellingstrasse 71

80799 Munich

Since its opening in 2004, SODA is quite simply the essential shop for anyone interested in art and design. They offer a careful curated selection of books and magazines from all areas of fashion, graphic, design, illustration and architecture. The atmosphere is relaxed and its the perfect place to go hunting for all the magazines and books you didn't know you needed. 
Rumfordstrasse 3
80469 Munich

If you are strolling through Munich's young and creative Glockenbach neighborhood make sure to stop by this antique store. Sometimes just starring through the window on a Sunday stroll gives us joy!

Palma Kunkel

Frauenhoferstrasse 5

80469 Munich

The toy store Brauseschwein in Frundsbergstraße 52 Munich-Neuhausen offers colorful and artistically designed toys and gifts, sweets and fun items for children and adults. The owner of the Brauseschwein, Caroline Pfitzner-Reiner advises her large and small customers with heart und passion.
Frundsbergstraße 52
80637 Munich

 Whether big or small, lovers of unusual products will find it here. In apartment (founded in 1996) there is a rich selection of great gifts and decorations: funny t-shirts and babybodys, retro accessories. Plenty of decoration and children's birthday articles and gifts for children, practical kitchen helpers, greeting cards and gifts complete the versatile range. A visit is always worthwhile . Kitsch but lovely. 


Barerstrasse 49

80799 Munich

For more than 20 years, Japanalia has been dedicated to showcasing the stylish culture of traditional japan. Japan design stand for the immense variety of commodities and objects, such as dishes, porcelain, ceramics and utensils for the tea ceremony etc.
The world of handmade japanese paper, in its many uses, such as covering sliding walls, for calligraphy and ink painting with all the accessories, can be found here. The high craftsmanship in textile weaving art of japan is reflected in the splendor of the old and new kimonos, yukatas, heoris and hakamas, the classic garments that are imported directly from japan like everything else. 


Herzogstr. 7

80803 Munich

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