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Souvenir Heart with enamel
Souvenir Heart with enamel

Souvenir Heart with enamel

  • Souvenir heart pendant in matte gold-plated sterling silver.
  • The pendant measures approx. 21 x 21 mm and is designed in mother of pearl.
  • Jane has always loved much of the beautiful natural material, mother of pearl. The pendant is part of the Souvenir collection, and on one side of the heart is the text "souvenir" printed. It is not just on trips that Jane finds souvenirs, but a souvenir can also be something she has stored to remember a particular person or a special event. Let this pendant be a reminder of something that you love and want to remember.
    All our jewelry comes in colourful jewellery boxes with accompanying gift bag.
  • Jane Kønig's pendants can be put together as you like. Why not wear several pendants on the same chain and create a special and personal piece of jewellery.